Thinking Putty Enchanting Unicorn

Product Description

Just as Kim Kardashian stores all her magical powers in her posterior, so does a unicorn with its eponymous horn. Rumored through the ages to be a powerful medicine and often imitated, we had to do some serious negotiation to get you this 100% ethically sourced unicorn horn slime. (Did you know that a unicorn’s horn sheds every 452 days? It’s a very slow process. We trail them and wait for one to fall off.) Squishy and delightfully silvery, this opalescent slime gives many a satisfying pop when squeezed and glimmers magically under any lighting condition. Ethically harvested from only the finest unicorns. 100% cruelty free. No unicorns were harmed in the making of this product. Magically does not dry out. Great for fidgeting. Comes in a 1.6 oz tin.