When you're a little kid, you can do anything. A simple cardboard box is your fearsome pirate ship and the ground surrounding the sofa is lava. Our childhood is filled with vibrant imagination. But there comes a day when we think we've grown up and look wistfully on the past.

That's where Air Traffic comes in.

We at Air Traffic know just how important play is at every stage of life, no matter the age. Each of our products and events are carefully picked to inspire play, and our staff is trained to embody this spirit of fun with every customer.

Although "play" seems like child's work, it's actually an important part of growing. Multiple studies have demonstrated the positive effects of active play during childhood, but children all over the world are forced to "grow up" too fast and sometimes skip the important physical, social and emotional development that happens during play. And as adults we often forget to take a step back and actually live life, even though play is important for grown-ups too.

At Air Traffic, we are committed to providing toys that promote healthy and active play for all. Enjoy a board game on a relaxed Friday night, yo-yo tricks that will impress your friends, or kites so powerful they'll blow your mind.

So whether you think you've grown up or are still growing, Air Traffic will be there to bring you to your happy place. We have something that will inspire everyone!