We're a local, family-owned store dedicated to and passionate about play.

That passion is found in every aspect of Air Traffic — our staff, our products, our events and our outlook on life are all focused on the idea that we can make the lives of others more fun. We're not your average toy store, and we're proud to offer you something different.

Our products — ranging from juggling props to disc golf, family games to kites — are carefully selected to be unique, quality, and designed to sharpen your skills and mind while providing hours of fun. From classic board games like Ticket to Ride, to cutting edge dual-line stunt kites, you're sure to find something you love as much as we do.


All of our enthusiasm for fun started the summer of 1987 in a northern suburb of Minneapolis when Jim Henry, Air Traffic’s founder, discovered stunt kites. After learning how to fly a kite he was hooked. Jim spent hours flying kites and naturally they attracted attention at the parks where he flew. Due to public demand, he began selling kites out of his house.

Jim continued the kite store that he had started out of his house and soon he had his first booth, of many, at the Minnesota State Fair. By the early 90s Jim had opened two stores under the name Kite Site and had stores in Southdale, Rosedale and in the Mall of America all stocked with kites, windsocks and flying toys.

As the store grew Jim wanted to offer more products. Since he did a little juggling and thought it fun, he added a line of professional juggling equipment. News spread through the local juggling community and soon many jugglers became frequent customers and employees. Yo-yos, boomerangs, golf discs, strategy war games, and other skill based toys and games were quickly added to the mix.

As the product variety grew it became obvious that Kite Site was no longer a fair reflection of the store’s product mix. After much debate Air Traffic became the new store name because many of the products found their way into the air, whether they were flown, thrown, or juggled.


The thing that makes Air Traffic special is not the products that we carry, or the way we were founded, it's the people that work there. Our employees are called "Experts at Play" and that is a title that we take seriously. Every one of our salespeople is trained to help you in your search for fun. Sometimes that means recommending a great gift, sometimes it means teaching you a new skill like juggling or kendama, and sometimes it even means recommending a different store that might have what you're looking for. 

We're committed to providing positive experiences for our customers, as well as for our community. We can often be found at local festivals, fairs, and schools providing fun and educational experiences. If you are interested in having our Experts at Play at an event, write us a message on our contact page.

If you're interested in becoming an Expert at Play, visit our employment page and download an application!